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Help Tuli Find a Forever Home

As you read about Tuli, you might be the person that helps her find her forever home. Contact Black Dog Animal Rescue directly or e-mail us and we would be happy to put you in contact.

TULI: The Prospect Fund Inspiration

While taking a break from their Delaware Beach visit in April 2011, Prospect & Ed first saw a post about Tuli. The post described Tuli's severe grain allergy. The extra cost of grain-free food and treats was being absorbed by her foster mom; a loving human who was working hard to develop Tuli's social skills.

After sending Tuli some grain-free treats for training treats, Prospect & Ed learned more about the great volunteers of Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) in Cheyenne, Wyoming and their amazing accomplishments in just 3 short years. About 6 weeks later during a previously planned trip west, Prospect was able to meet Tuli and other BDAR dogs during a June 2011 BDAR adoption event.

In August 2011 while hiking, Prospect & Ed were thinking about Tuli. Tuli had made remarkable progress; physically, mentally, and socially. But Tuli was having difficulty finding a forever home. The additional dietary considerations and costs shut the door to many forever homes. There are many dogs like Tuli who have costly health situations, either ongoing or one-time procedures, but otherwise would be top adoption candidates.

What could Prospect & Ed possibly do to help these dogs, the rescue organizations, and humans who otherwise would not enjoy the companionship offered by these special dogs?

After several miles of hiking, chasing squirrels, and dancing through spider webs an idea was born: Help dogs with a medical challenge reach their full potential. With a prognosis for healthy, active lives such dogs should be able to develop their full prospect of positively impacting a human's life... this effort would be called The Prospect Fund.

Tuli's Story by her Foster Mom Tressa

Tuli’s story is a long one for her short (approximately 3 years old as of September 2011). In January 2011 she came to Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) after a long stay in a rural shelter -- a shelter that does not contact BDAR unless a dog has been sheltered more than 6 months. Right off we knew she had a problem, she was itching non-stop! This poor girl had major hair loss and inflamed skin. She was incredibly dirty and matted so we were hoping a good grooming would do the trick. Nope, not that lucky. After many vet visits and trial and error with food we found she has very sensitive food allergies.

Tuli during a
September 2011 hike

Tuli was finally on the road to recovery with her health and in March 2011 came to live with me. Now that her physical condition was improving it was time to work on her mental health. After so long alone and uncared for Tuli was standoffish and grouchy to put it mildly, but who could blame her! In steps her foster home with firm guidance on good behaviors and daily showers of love to turn Tuli’s frown upside down.

Fast forward to September 2011 and Tuli is doing amazing! She is itch free with her new food and has grown back all of her missing hair. She is affectionate, playful, and a barrel of laughs. She loves to travel with her foster home for adventures just as much as she loves snuggling on the couch at home. She has a best friend at her foster home that she has daily wrestling matches with and enjoys making new friends more and more. Tuli has officially shaken off her tough exterior for those close to her to see the tender beautiful girl she was all along.

Even though Tuli has been homeless for at least half her life she has decided to love again. BDAR is happy that we gave her the chance to do that. - Tressa, Tuli's Foster Mom

pros•pect      noun \prä-spekt\

1. Candidate for success requiring development

2. The name of’s Chief Canine

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