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Jordyn - The 1st Prospect Fund Grant Recipient ($500)

In the days after getting the idea for The Prospect Fund, the case of Jordyn came to our attention. Not only does her situation demonstrate the reason behind our efforts, she has been rescued by Black Dog Animal Rescue -- the same organization that rescued our inspiration Tuli. So we called Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) to learn more about Jordyn; she indeed was perfect to receive the inaugural grant.

Jordyn is a boxer/doberman mix that arrived at BDAR covered in horrific scars and walking with a pronounced limp. Based on geography of her rescue it is believed she was mauled by a mountain lion or other wild animal.

Jordyn faces two options: 1) amputation of a hind leg or 2) an ankle fusion. While the ankle fusion will limit her flexibility it will be better than either no leg or her current wobbly, instability. Several independent veterinarian opinions have determined Jordyn's best prognosis for a healthy, active life is an ankle fusion.

Jordyn the first Prospect Fund dog gran recipient

A veterinary surgeon friend of BDAR had offered to perform the procedure. Unfortunately, he suddenly collapsed at his practice and passed away. Another top surgeon has been found and will perform Jordyn's ankle fusion. The surgery is scheduled for October (2011). This procedure will cost BDAR approximately $1300.

When we spoke with BDAR they had raised approximately $300. The Prospect Fund has pledged $500 on a matching-fund basis to help Jordyn receive the medical procedure she needs to reach her full potential.

Making Jordyn's case even more fitting as the first The Prospect Fund grant recipient is the fact that Prospect himself suffers from an hind leg injury (same side too). When Prospect met The Chauffeur, a veterinarian diagnosed his gimp as resulting from what is comparable to an ACL tear in humans.

Jordyn the first Prospect Fund dog gran recipient

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1. Candidate for success requiring development

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