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The Prospect Fund Mission

To provide dog rescue groups with matching-fund grants to increase a medically-challenged rescue dog's prospect of being adopted and achieving its full potential in providing the unique companionship only a rescued dog can provide humans.


  • 1) With medical treatment (one-time or ongoing) the rescued dog must have a prognosis of leading otherwise healthy, active life;
  • 2) The untreated medical condition and medical costs must be demonstrated to be a significant impediment to the rescue dog’s adoption;
  • 3) The treatment of the medical condition must be demonstrated to significantly increase the likelihood of adoption;
  • 4) Grants will be provided on a matching fund basis only to eligible dog rescue organizations;
  • 5) The Dog Rescue Organization must demonstrate a history of promoting responsible dog ownership and raising community awareness of dog rescue.
  • 6) The Dog Rescue Organization must be a valid 501(3)(c) organization;

Application Process

To ensure available funds are maximized, considerable thought is being given the Application Process protocol. The Prospect Fund Review Board is currently finalizing The Application process. Check back for the publication of The Application and details.

The Prospect Fund Review Board

The Prospect Fund Review Board consists of veterinarians, pet industry executives, and rescue group founders. The Review Board Members include:

Review and Grant Issuance Process

  • 1) The Prospect Fund Review Board will review submitted applications and determine the appropriateness of any applications to receive grants.
  • 2) If approved, will request from the Dog Rescue Organization receipts or other documentation of related medical expenditures.
  • 3) Since grants are awarded on a matching-fund basis only, qualified expenses will reimbursed at the rate of $0.50 per dollar until the grant is exhausted.
  • 4) The Grant will remain active for 75 days during which time the Dog Rescue Organization may submit additional receipts for reimbursement for any remaining portion of the original grant.

pros•pect      noun \prä-spekt\

1. Candidate for success requiring development

2. The name of’s Chief Canine

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