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Thursday Nov 29, 2012


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Even a dog is not immune from internet spam. I seem to get more spam e-mail than most dogs get fleas. Though the spam efforts are not that original they sometimes make this dog stop and scratch his head. About once a week I get an e-mail telling me I have an unpaid traffic ticket in the State of New York. And serious consequences will occur if I don't have my human send them money.

That e-mail initially got my attention because Ed aka "The Chauffeur" may or may not have triggered a Red Light Camera near Corning. But the e-mail failed on two points: 1) in no way would my e-mail address be associated with our K9 Mobile registration and 2) the date of the alleged event was when I was in Colorado.


Today I received the well-known "I have money to transfer, need your account information" scam (pasted below). The sender does a terrific job constructing English sentences (unlike most I receive) and he acknowledges I am "a highly respected personality" (hey, I like attention and it is a poor dog that won't wag his own tail).


Prospect the Dog with his laptopEvery time Ed comes out of the post office he seems more stressed about something called "the bills." He says he needs to find more work to earn more money. Apparently "work" is analagous to "shaking paws' and "money" is like a "dog biscuit." While I would like to find a way to help out my favorite human, the e-mail sender needs to be more original and thorough in his endeavors. First, I am a dog. I do not have a bank account.  (The Patriot Act prevents dogs from opening a bank account.) Second, while succeding in constructing full sentences the sender confused the words "pleasure" and "pressure."  I don't like pressure to do anything. Just see my To Catch or Not To Catch video for proof of that.


Third, if I was identified for such an urgent matter only after an extensive search, the sender could have easily found my name. Fourth, after figuring out my name the sender would have learned from the About Us tab here on that I more likely would fall for his spam scam had I been offered a side of bacon. Lastly, I was not the only recipient of this e-mail. The sender attempted to make me feel special in a message sent to multiple people and dogs!

I guess a dog's got to be alert for cats outside and spamming cats in cyberland.




*** Latest Spam Message ***

Dear: Sir/Madam,

It's a great pressure to indicate this opportunity to you. l need your support to handle this transaction with me in a trust and confidential manner. I believe you are a highly respected personality.

Considering the fact that I sourced your email from the international search database on the web during my discreet search for a foreign partner whom can assist me in taking this business to it success, let me introduce myself to you.

Mr.Richard Tang Yat Sun,I work with the Hang Seng Bank Ltd -Hong Kong.I have a business suggestion for you. Please, do not think this is one of those scams. I need your assistance to transfer fund from my Bank to your country, while the percentage is going to be 60%/40% after the conclusion.

I shall provide you with more information immediately i get a positive response from you.

Please contact me via Email: [e-mail omitted]

Kind Regards,
Mr. Richard Tang.


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