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Monday Nov 12, 2012


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I hear humans talking all the time about unique characteristics of dogs. It is a dog's turn to comment about his observations of human behaviors. Since I spend 99.99% of my time with one human I will focus on his oddities and eccentricities.

1) My human seems to have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to water. At least once a day he willingly stands underneath a faucet and soaks himself. And worse, since he likes to make himself all wet he seems to believe I would enjoy it too.

Prospect the Dog enjoying a dog nap2) Humans do not seem to have the ability to maximize sleeping space. Ed seems to have to stretch out. I get to bed first, claim my spot, get comfortable and then he insists on moving me out of the middle of the bed. If he would learn to curl his legs up under his chin there would be so much more space in the bed and we would have fewer conflicts during the night. I have worked this to my advantage though. I believe my bedtime treat is mostly to get me out of the center sweet spot of the mattress.

3) Humans seem to be afflicted with attention-deficit disorder. I am constantly having to find new cute ways of getting Ed's attention. Though I have not figured out Prospect the Dog in his Dog Officehow to do "it" on command, I have learned the most effective way of getting any human's attention is flatulence. Every time this happens I get lots of attention; whoever is around says "OH! Prospect!" many times and Ed goes outside with me to play fetch. Apparently humans think dog flatulence is so much different than theirs.

I will not get even get started about humans constantly thinking I will not like what they are eating. How would they know unless I get a taste? But I will leave that until another day. For now, I would again like to think everyone that donated to The Prospect Fund. The printer delivered a few extra calendars. We held off with this announcement until me made sure everyone who pre-ordered received theirs with no problem. If you would like my 2012 Prospect Calendar, you can find the details here.



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