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Tuesday Oct 18, 2011


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After leaving the White Rock Mountain Recreation Area yesterday morning, we made slow travel down to Mount Magazine - the highest point in Arkansas. At an elevation of 2750 feet the views are vast and great. Even though we are over half-a-mile high it is interesting to think we are only about 1/4 the elevation of our Rocky Mountain camp (click for photo album).

We stopped in Van Buren and checked out the Dr. Louis Peer Memorial Park. I enjoyed a nice stretch and stroll around the lake (Lake Cap Bedell). The geese were thick on the northwest edge of the lake and I finally figured out the origins of "You Silly Goose." See the video below for their crazy antics. Surely they could find an easier, cooperative way of washing their backs.

While in Van Buren we noticed the Van Buren High School has the best dog mascot: The Pointers!

Coal Mining DogOur next stop was in Greenwood where I found a couple good roadside photo opportunities (and noticed their high school mascot is the bulldog). First we saw an army tank outside the local V.F.W. (I saw a bigger tank in Nebraska). With the Civil Soldier, jet fighter, and army helicopter I saw last week near Pea Ridge, Arkansas seems like a good place for military surplus. Then down the road I got my picture taken with a coal miner.

While in Greenwood we noticed an Antique Mall with peculiar signage. All the letters were capitalized except the 'i'. Ed says this is for one of two reasons: either 1) the sign maker thought a lower-cased 'i' made it look older or 2) capital I's were out-of-stock.

Cameron Bluff Overlook at Mount Magazine State Park When we made it to Mount Magazine and the Petit Jean River Valley Overlook we were very glad we made the detour off our route to the Ouachita Mountains. After watching Ed pitch the tent we got some walking in before sunset. After dark we even had a deer visitor near our camp. We have seen 5 more deer already this morning.

Prospect the Dog not happy with all the picture takingBe sure to check out my Mount Magazine photos. In one I'm giving my "not-liking-this-picture-taking" look and the next you can see my refusal to look at the camera. If you're just catching up on this trip be sure to read my White Rock Mountain Dog Report and yesterday's Arkansas Dog Travel Day.



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