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Monday Oct 17, 2011


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Have had a blast since Thursday evening in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. If you missed my blog Saturday you missed the Civil War soldier, jet fighter, and Army helicopter I found along the way. We have been camping near the White Rock Mountain Recreation area and Saturday's blog includes the full video of my close interaction with a walking stick.

Prospect the Dog climbs over fallen treeI have added 15 more photos to my White Rock Mountain photo album. The leaves have really turned into their fall colors the past few days. And we have seen lots and lots of colorful butterflies. The video below has some of the video highlights of the past several days. Going to have lots of trails to add to my Journey Guide Map.

With rain possible, we are going to use the next 24 hours as travel time. We are going to take it slow and see if we can find a couple great city parks to explore.


Pillow DogEven though I woke before sunrise frisky and playful, a low-key day is on my agenda.  Since Friday morning I have walked or hiked over 27 miles. If you followed my One Week: 50 Dog Miles blog series you know this distance is not out of the ordinary for me. But 15 miles of that distance was rugged hiking; 6 miles on Friday morning and 9 miles Sunday morning. So both Ed and I are both ready to let our muscles recover.

Yawn Creek DogThe first and last mile of Sunday's hike was blazing our own trail through the brush and down a mountainside. Our camping spot was only about a third of a mile from where we stopped hiking Friday so we cut through to finish hiking that trail. Fortunately we found this rock passage instead of having to rappel some cliffs. I was a tired pup when we got back to camp. Since pillows are scarce camping, you will see in my photos I moved into the tent early to claim the sleeping bag and pillows.

And I haven't slept too soundly because there are a lot of strange sounds here. As you will see towards the end of my video when I'm chewing my bone, I have been edgy and on alert.


PS - thanks to everyone who requested a 2012 Calendar to support The Prospect Fund. They are being printed over the next week. As soon as the printer ships them to us, we'll get yours in the mail.


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