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Wednesday Oct 12, 2011


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Today I embark on a fall camping expedition. As I wrote in my blog Fall Dog Trip to... we were hoping the fall would bring a big road trip; possibly to New England. But as Ed is always telling me "Accept the things you cannot change..."  I just do not want to accept Fluffer the neighbor's cat. If given a chance I am sure I could effect change -- that's why cats are a central piece of my 2012 Dog Campaign.

Anyway, we are staying close to home and re-visiting Arkansas. In my last post I explained how it is not the distance; even at home Every dog can be an explorer.  The blog post Fall Dog Trip to... recounts many of my pleasant experiences in Arkansas. This trip we are planning to spend several nights in the Ozark National Forest near White Rock Mountain and then down to the Ouachita Mountains and possibly Queen Wilhelma State Park. But stay tuned. Since we practice free-style road-tripping our plans and itinerary are always subject to change.

Camp Prospect the DogNot far from White Rock Mountain is Devil's Den State Park where we met a nice guy named Mike this past March. Mike is a hiking enthusiast and has a website where he blogs about hiking trails in Arkansas and Oklahoma. We are grateful to have met Mike and have been using scouting out great outdoor spots. Ed has been looking at topographical maps and thinks he knows a couple good places to establish Camp Prospect near White Rock Mountain. (Read about Camp Prospect in the Rocky Mountains).

This afternoon we're going to be heading to southwest Missouri to stay with one of my human friends. He says he's more of a cat person, but I know better. Although I once found a cat on one of his office chairs, I think he just needs a little more Prospect time before he admits he likes dogs better. One time staying down there Ed thought I had escaped. Ed woke early and was looking everywhere for me. I was in the last place Ed looked. In the middle of the night I had discovered my human friend's bedroom door was not quite closed; he let me snuggle in bed with him that night!

Prospect the Dog 2012 CalendarWhen we get back from this trip we will be busy preparing to pack and mail my Prospect 2012 Calendar. I really don't like repeating any "marketing" (Plus Ed is uncomfortable with and fails at promotional attempts).


You may have noticed that unlike other dog sites, is not laden with offers and enticements to get you to click a link and buy something. Most dog travel websites offer you "dog friendly information" (from advertiser databases) in hopes you click, make a reservation, buy a product, etc.  We want to be fun and useful with first-paw information from me, you and your dogs (maybe someday we'll get struck by lightning and get a sponsor or partner whose products and services I actually use).

Anyway, I am hopeful enough calendar gifts are requested that there will be future grant recipients from The Prospect Fund. Our inaguaral matching-fund grant recipient Jordyn is scheduled to have her operation next Tuesday, October 18. Be sure to check out The Prospect Fund, my calendar, and other ways you can Help Rescues Reach Their Full Potential. The biggest way you can help is continue spreading the word about me to more dog-loving humans.


Jordyn's expensive are covered. After covering printing & postage costs, any remaining proceeds will be used as a seed to grow The Prospect Fund.


If you would like a calendar, be sure to reserve yours before Sunday. On Monday, we will be phoning the printer with the number to print. We will not be ordering extra. See video of my inspection of the printer proofs.



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