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Monday Oct 10, 2011


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Today marks the observance and remembrance of Christopher Columbus and his explorations. I'm not the biggest fan of water so a sea-explorer like Columbus (or Magellan) does not excite me as much as other explorers. Especially Lewis and Clark who blazed the trails from my hometown St. Louis, across Missouri, and through some of the same country I have enjoyed exploring. Plus, Lewis and Clark had a canine companion. During their travels they were accompanied by Seaman - a Newfoundland dog.


Prospect the Dog with Seaman at the Jefferson City Missouri Lewis & Clark memorialEvery good explorer should have a dog. And if you aren't a good explorer a dog can help you become one! With K9RoadTrip.com we hope you and your dog become explorers.  And you don't have to trek through the wilderness, climb a mountain, or sleep in a tent to enjoy dog exploration. You and your dog can explore a new walking route around the neighborhood, checking out a new park across town, or day-trip to a nearby state park.


Prospect the Dog with Seaman at the Lincoln Nebraska Lewis & Clark memorialEd aka "The Chauffeur" and I hope our journeys -- even the ones at home -- willl help promote human-canine relationships and activities together (read our Goals and Mission). As Ed said in his "In Our Words" presentation, there is a whole world of dog fun, companionship, and experiences he did not know existed before we became roommates.


Click photos for larger views of me with Seaman the Dog in Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE

While we often travel hundreds of miles on our adventures, Ed says some of our best "trips" have been in the backyard. Although this past weekend's blog featured a Saturday road trip to a state park and a picture along the way with Bigfoot, Sunday was just as adventurous only a few miles from my house. That is why we designed K9RoadTrip.com to offer resources flexible enough to help all dogs and their humans be comfortable creating their own memorable trips.


In additon to the by-state lists of interstate rest areas, welcome center and turnouts (with links to the reviews of dog stops I have visited), my Dog Info section contains pet policies for state and national parks across America as well as my dog park tips.


Of course the key feature to K9RoadTrip.com is the Dog Journey Guide Map. Not only do I put my dog-friendly reviews of parks and travel stops anyone can add their own dog reviews of rescue organizations, dog businesses, dog parks, etc.  While there are many dog-travel related websites, I want K9RoadTrip.com to list only places either you or I have visited and know about. This resource will become more useful as more and more dogs share their favorite spots.


And every good dog likes to wag his tail. So I have the K9 Photos section where all dogs are welcome to share photos and showcase their own dog adventures.  Who knows, if my 2012 Calendar does well enough to help establish The Prospect Fund, future calendars and items may feature other adventurous dogs.




Didn't know there was a 2012 Prospect Calendar? See me give inspection to the printer proofs.


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