Dog Weekend: Bigfoot, fish, and "taking care" of Ed's bike

Sunday Oct 9, 2011


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This was another great dog weekend for me. Two weeks ago I blogged about a Super Dog Saturday and last week I had another great Saturday where I met Mack the Dog and laughed when Ed got a flat tire on his bike.


This Saturday I woke up to find Ed aka "The Chauffeur" had already been up and about. He had my K9 MobileProspect the Dog with Bigfoot all ready for a day trip! We drove up to Illinois to a spot I visited last fall to meet a human friend of his for some fishing at Beaver Dam State Park. Along the way we spotted Bigfoot -- the legendary monster truck. Bigfoot was HUGE. I doubt I ever see another vehicle as large as this truck.

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I was really excited to get back to Beaver Dam State Park because as I mentioned last year I hoped to return for more exploring.  We hiked around several miles before Ed's friend arrived. While waiting and resting in the parking lot I got lots of attention from 4 terrific young ladies. I was on my best behavior and was happy to exchange High 5's and paw-shakes for treats.


Prospect the Dog inspects a trout fishEd says I was a super well behaved dog while fishing. I had never been on a fishing adventure before. It took a long time for me to figure out what the silly humans were doing. Seemed like they were just throwing out some shiny objects and winding them back to shore. This went on forever until finally Ed pulled a strange creature out of the water. He did this twice more. I really wasn't impressed with these animals Ed called bass and trout; they didn't have any legs to run around and play chase.


I was glad to get back home and hit the bed. But, after getting my nightly ear scratch and bedtime treat, I Watch Dograised my head to look out the window one last time. Ever since that terrible night documented in my video A Dog's Nightmare, I pay close attention to make sure Fluffer the neighbor cat isn't outside and always give one final pre-sleep look. Fluffer is a big reason behind my strong stance against Illegal Feline Immigration in my Prospect 2012 Campaign. Last night I spotted Fluffer roaming the field across the road so I had to get up and make sure she didn't cross over into my yard.


This morning Ed got up and put the bike rack back on the car.  I'm not crazy about the bike.  I see it as Ed Prospect the Dog enjoying a bicycle breakjust being plain lazy. I'd rather he be walking with me. Plus, if I'm going too fast it's not easy to stop and smell. The few times he has tried to "walk" me while riding his bike I've refused to walk any faster than a slow saunter. I think today he has realized I'm just not going to get into that exercise. He says we make faster time if he is not on the bike.



Prospect the Dog enjoying a bicycle breakPlus, during our first water and rest break I peed on his front wheel. I never pee on wheels of any kind so me "marking" his bike sent a strong signal. Then it got real funny later when I met Gus the Dog. Gus smelled my marking and soaked Ed's bike wheel. Then I had to pee on it again. Then Gus again. Then I got in a final shot before Ed got his biked moved away from us.

(In addition to Gus, I also met Sammy and Ava. Ava was a playful Jack Russell Terrier pup. We would have had lots of fun running and chasing each other if we would have been in a spot to do so.)


Any thoughts Ed had of taking the bike along to Arkansas next week have vanished. More photos from this weekend are in the public Outdoor Dog album where you can add your own outdoor dog photos too.



PS - Just one week left to place your request for a Prospect 2012 Calendar. We're not having the printer print any extra.  While there may be a few extra come off the presses, October 16 is the final day to guarantee receiving your gift for supporting The Prospect Fund.  See the video of my inspection of the printer's proofs:


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