Fire Trucks, NO PARKING parking lot, Mack the Dog and Ed gets his just deserves

Saturday Oct 1, 2011


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This Saturday morning's walk was just about as interesting as last Saturday when I saw a bobcat, bear cubs, and met several new dog friends.


Where's a Dog to Park?We walked a downtown path similar to the morning walk documented and mapped in One Week: 50 Dog Miles (Day 7). Except we started by heading west on McCarty Street when we noticed there were people picking up trash and debris out of the creek. Nearby we noticed a peculiarly marked parking lot. Although having several parking spots painted the signage said NO PARKING!! What's up with that? And there weren't any other parking spots at this location. Guess they don't want visitors.


Click Photos for larger views and captions.


As we passed the fire station we remembered: Not only is October 1 National Prospect the Dog with a Fire TruckWalk Your Dog Day it is also National Fire Pup Day (we learned both days putting together my 2012 Calendar for The Prospect Fund). Luck would happen.  There was a fire truck sitting outside. Although the firefighters were busy mowing the grass (if only we had the camera filming the one guy running the mower into the side of the building) they were friendly and let me take a photo.


Then as we crossed the river bridge we noticed there were boat loads of Prospect the Dog's weekend walk over the Missouri Rivervolunteers being ferried up and down the river to clean the small streams that empty into the "Mighty Mo" (Missouri River).



Ed is always trying to get a good picture of me as we cross the bridge. But I'm just not comfortable getting close to the fence. I don't like water. And I don't want to get near the edge next to the fence. Why risk falling in? I prefer to just walk down the middle where it is safest. He did take a neat photo though.


On the other side we found the "stream team" volunteers were organizing, camping out, and providing information. We learned there will be a canoe race tomorrow morning. Ed thinks this will be great fun to go see. I think walking another half mile to the dog park or finding squirrels to chase would be a better plan.


Prospect the Dog is trying to make a dog differenceThere I found a great sign that said "You Can Make A Difference." That helped us have positive thoughts about our efforts to make a difference with The Prospect Fund: Helping Rescues Reach Their Full Potential


We hope you can help us get the fund started with your own 2012 Calendar gift.  Jordyn the Dog is the first matching-fund grant recipient. Read about Jordyn here. Don't like making internet purchases? We have a mail-in form. Don't like calendars? You can support The Prospect Fund other ways.


Nearby I met Mack the Dog. He was a very friendly dog running behind hisMack the Dog human who was bicycling. We made fast friends and outside of a little "peeing contest" trying to claim the same spot we had fun together. Then his human Joe opened up his backpack and pulled out single-serving size cups of peanut butter!!  I liked Joe. Ed has been instructed to get some of these to put in our hiking backpack.

The Best Dog Snack IdeaJoe and Mack inspired Ed to clean the cobwebs off his bike, air up the tires, and head to the greenway this afternoon. There were very few people on the greenway so he said it was a good time to get me used to trotting beside the bike.  I know he just really was being lazy.


After going a couple miles he got what was coming to him... the rear bike tire went flat! Ha! Ha! Ha! I got back in charge of the walk and yes I sniffed plenty to make up for all the trees he made me run by earlier.  And I'm safe from this crazy exercise for a few days; he bought a new innertube but as he was taking the rear wheel off the frame something broke. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's what he gets for making me run by so many great smelling clumps of grass and telephone poles.


PS - Dr. Kelly out-did herself with her October Ask-A-Vet answers. Be sure to check out the informative answers about joint issues and anxiety. She even included a diagram of dog knees!


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