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Friday Sep 30, 2011


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Since it was a nice sunny fall afternoon we decided to take a long walk. Ed said he would catch up at the desk doing whatever it is he does when he just sits there (sometimes he just sits there until 1 or 2 in the morning and I have to get out of bed and tap him with my paw until he realizes he needs to get in bed too).

Since the days are getting shorter, some of my dog friends whose humans don't have schedules as flexible are challenged getting their walks in before sunset. My friend Coco recently put on a couple extra pounds so she needs the exercise to return to her normal trim self.  After hearing about my success with Green Beans: The Miracle Dog Food, Coco tried them but doesn't like green beans like I do.  My friend Callie is a perpetual energy source. Ed says if we could plug the laptop and lamp into her the electric bills would stop coming. (Coco and Callie are featured in my Weekend Fun Video.)


So we picked up Coco and Callie and walked the entire length of the local greenway. 6.25 miles. With a couple water breaks, lots of sniffing, 3 long crosswalk waits, and a couple friendly humans stopping to give us attention we made it in 109 minutes or a 3.44 MPH average. If you recall from my One Week: 50 Dog Mile blog series, that's consistent with my average.


Ed says we were all very good.  Everyone listened and sat patiently at all the crosswalks. We behaved so well he was able to create a video of today's dog walk (below). As you will notice I walked in the middle to keep Coco and Callie well behaved.


Ed had calculated we might go a little slower so we made it to our destination 20 minutes ahead of our ride. So we walked around about another 3/4 mile during which time we came face-to-face with a groundhog. The groundhog was sitting behind a tree and no one saw the other until we were just feet away. It was a rare occasion when Ed did not see another animal before me; usually he's trying to point out a squirrel or rabbit to me.


Ed says we scared the groundhog.... okay, I cannot type what Ed said but that groundhog was so scared it did not move. Fortunately, he can handle 100+ pounds of pulling dogs with one hand so we got a clip to add to the video along with shots of how tired we were waiting for our ride home.

Prospect the Dog walking with dog friends


PS - Don't forget about my 2012 Calendar. We're hoping to help more rescues next year. Read about Jordyn who benefited directly as the 1st grant recipient of The Prospect Fund.



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