Simmering Summer Sunday Summary

Sunday Jul 24, 2011


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A week of triple digit temperatures and high heat has this dog ready for a restful Sunday. Someone has been waking me up earlier than normal for our morning walks. Has it ever been mentioned I am not a morning dog?  It is my nature to stay in bed until I think Ed is actually leaving... and I've learned the difference between the door just opening for me to go out and the door opening with an exiting human.  That difference is the sound of car keys jingling!!

Prospect the dog enjoys swimming but not being wet so muchAnd during the day when I get restless we have been going to the county lake where I've been working on my swimming. I like how the water cools me off. Ed says it's good exercise, will help strengthen my gimpy leg, and will help me drop the couple pounds he wants me to lose. But swimming is tiresome. So I always get a good nap complete with snoring after I have a good swim session.

But this time of year there is lots of goose poop in the water which I don't mind except it increases my odds of getting a bath. I don't like baths. I view getting wet like paying taxes. If it is something you decide to do voluntarily it is ok and can be fun. If forced upon you, then it is no fun at all.

Speaking of fun... what was fun this morning was seeing my old pals Chubby and Buddy at the park. You may remember them from my winter video where they were chasing me around. I embedded the YouTube video below in case you missed it back in February (also posted my Weekend Fun video too).


Have you seen the new look over in the State Park Dog Info, Interstate Info for Dogs, or National Park Dog Information Journey Guide sections on

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Stay Cool and enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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