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Saturday Jun 18, 2011


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A message from Prospect's human, Ed aka "The Chauffeur"


There always has been a purpose of "giving back" with That intent has greatly increased the past 7 months since our first attempt to launch the website. A special e-mail we recently received prompted me to share this message.

Today as Prospect & I participate in an adoption drive with Black Dog Animal Rescue in Cheyenne, the timingProspect with Kajsa - the inspiration for Black Dog Animal Rescue seemed appropriate to share thoughts I drafted nearly two weeks ago. Last night we met Kajsa - the inspiration behind Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR). In the three years since her human Britney started BDAR, over 300 dogs (and other animals) have been rescued from Wyoming shelters and placed in forever homes. Kajsa (in photo to right) is an example of the profound, positive impact a rescued dog can bring to the lives of humans and other canines.

Assisting stray and rescue organizations in the small way we can was a priority since conception of But Prospect's and my journey has grown to mean so much more to me. Someday I may share more of my own personal journey. Then you will realize JUST HOW MUCH Prospect has positively impacted my life. Without Prospect it is unclear how, or if, I would have emerged from the difficult past 2 years referenced in our April 16 presentation in Steubenville, Ohio.

In early November 2010, was ready for the public. Prospect and I embarked on our first official adventure through Kansas, Oklahoma, and into Texas.

During that November 2010 trip, Prospect and I had opportunities both to offer and receive assistance almost each day. On the 9th day of our trip, I woke with a peace about pursuing and letting our journey become one of offering assistance whenever possible; in whatever little way we could even with a simple smile and hello. I decided that would be the last day of that trip; we were ready to head home for rest and to process the lessons learned from our first experience updating the website from the road.  That afternoon we received the call my mother had died in a car accident. She was the epitome of love, thankfulness, and unselfish giving.

Through prayer and meditation this past winter and early spring, I developed more peace about the journey I had committed. In April, we were given an opportunity to share our story during an event with Animal Rescue SuperHighway.  

A few days later at Shenandoah National Park we met two mothers road-tripping with their daughters. They shared their recent loss of a family dog and asked if they could give Prospect some attention. A few minutes after they drove off, they returned. Each girl had cash in their hand and offered it to me. I told them the best way they could help Prospect & me was to find and assist a rescue group or shelter near their home. That was April 18.

May was a difficult month for me on several fronts. But early June brought a 48-hour period of several connections and communications that allowed me to begin regaining peace and faith about our journey. First there was Surf Dog Ricochet. Ricochet's story is one of patience, love, and understanding. Her story mirrored my April 16 message:


...each dog has something unique to offer.  We humans have to have patience to look and find that uniqueness. 


Surf Dog was bred to serve a different purpose than she does today. But with human patience, Ricochet has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for special needs children. My mother worked with special needs kids for 20+ years.


The early June communications culminated with a special message. The e-mail was a capstone to two full days of reminders to keep the faith. I was reminded of another line from the April 16 presentation:


Without Prospect I would never have been in the places to meet those dogs, their humans, and learn their stories; but because I have met those dogs and people I am a better person for experiencing the LOVE they live in their own lives and shared with us.


With her permission, excerpts from Terri D.'s email are below. To Terri, her sister & kids, everyone we have met on the road, and everyone who has offered a kind FB comment, e-mail or other message:  Thank You. You do not know just how much you have helped me.

My biggest hope is Prospect's & my journey will positively impact and encourage others. It is unclear how long our journey will continue in the form of (we hope it does for a long time); but for now, I want each of our fans and followers to know you have helped me far more and in ways I cannot express.

Who knows, maybe someone saw our K9 Mobile in the Cheyenne-Laramie area the past couple days, visited, read yesterday's blog post, learned about Black Dog Animal Rescue and will, because of Kajsa's inspiration, find their own canine companion.

-- Ed aka "The Chauffeur"

**** Terri's e-mail along with photos of Scout:

Hi Ed!  [We] met you and Prospect along the way during your road trip along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.  You took a beautiful picture of the girls with Prospect and featured the picture on the K9roadtrip website (BTW, thank you - they loved seeing themselves on there and told everyone we know about it!).  At the time that we met you and learned about the girls offered to donate to your cause but instead you had asked us to consider making a donation or helping out in some way with a local shelter near us.  So, although it took us a while to research and figure out who we would donate to, we finally did that this weekend!  


[Terri tells about a local rescue event sponsorship by a local radio station and delivering a donation of toys and supplies in Prospect's honor.]


In the 2 1/2 hours that we spent at the event, we were able to witness 7 adoptions take place during that time!  It was amazing. I found out today that 11 dogs in total were adopted from this event! It was a very successful and fun event, but the story doesn't end here...

Still saddened by the loss of our longtime friend and companion, "April", our 14 year old Whippet who we had since she was a puppy and who we had to have put to sleep just before our trip to Virginia, we were not sure how long it would be before we considered bringing a new dog in the house.  But there we were at this event and I found myself staring Scout the Dogdown in to the eyes of a handsome fellow named "Scout", an English Red Tick Coonhound, sitting under a tent with one of the volunteers (Constance) from a rescue shelter named Eleventh Hour Rescue!  Scout looked at me with these sad eyes and literally made my heart melt.  My husband walked up to him and he went right up and leaned on my husband's leg.  The volunteer from the shelter said that this was a rare occurrence because they found him to be very shy around men.  She had told us that Scout was saved from a bad situation with his former owner(s) in South Carolina and that he was saved and brought to Eleventh Hour Rescue only a week ago.  We sat with Scout for a while and then decided to walk around to see the other dogs - but, in the end, found ourselves going back to look at Scout again.  The volunteer handed us the leash and asked if we wanted to take him for a walk.  We walked him around the area as he wagged his tail, all proud and happy.  After walking him for a while we took him back to the volunteer.  My husband and daughter looked at me with the same sad eyes that Scout game me and they both said "Can we?, pleeeasssseee?".   

[Terri tells the story of going home to discuss adopting Scout, returning to meet Scout the next morning, and Scout's happy reaction to seeing them.]

... and there we were on our way home with Scout!!  It was the best feeling knowing that we had just saved a dog from a previously horrible life and knowing that we were about to change his life completely by showing him the love and care that every dog deserves!  It's only been a day and a half but I am soScout the Dog thankful we went to that event and found Scout.  Everyone who has met him so far has commented on what a well-behaved dog he is and how happy he looks!  He has already met many of our friends/neighbors during several walks around the neighborhood, has taken a road trip to the local pet store (and came in with us) to pick out food, attended our daughter's softball practice where he was showered with attention by the team, and had the best night's sleep that he has had in a very long time, sleeping on a bed of pillows besides our daughter's bed!

Thank you for your inspiration and suggestion to save a dog.  We couldn't be happier!!    


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JosieWhite says On Jun 21, 2011 - 11:40pm

Thank you for sharing your journey. You are valued in so many ways and have been a gift to our souls many times over. Thank you for such genuine, valuable expressions.

Stacie says On Jun 20, 2011 - 6:22am

This was so beautifully written. This is what life is all about. With the help of Prospect you turned your sadness and rough patch into something so positive. We never know how much a simple hello or smile or conversation can impact someone's life. I bet there are many more stories like this families-happening after meeting you on your journeys- that we don't know about. You two make the world a better place!

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