Dog-gone spam e-mail

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Even a dog is not immune from internet spam. I seem to get more spam e-mail than most dogs get fleas. Though the spam efforts are not that original they sometimes make this dog stop and scratch his head. About once a week I get an e-mail telling me I have an unpaid traffic ticket in the State of New York. And serious consequences will occur if I don't have my human send them money.

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Things I have learned about humans

Monday Nov 12, 2012

I hear humans talking all the time about unique characteristics of dogs. It is a dog's turn to comment about his observations of human behaviors. Since I spend 99.99% of my time with one human I will focus on his oddities and eccentricities.

1) My human seems to have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to water. At least once a day he willingly stands underneath a fauce...

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