Texas Trip Re-cap

Wednesday Mar 30, 2011

After 10 days and 1,878 miles we arrived back home.  Starting in Jefferson City, MO we traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 


I'm not going to re-cap all the details of the past 10 days here.  You can find all the details in my previous blog posts titled "On The Road Again," "Swims, Hiking, and Even History," "True Grit: Fort Smith," "Fort Smi...

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Texas Considers Upgrading Pet Theft to Felony

Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

Sunday night in Austin we saw this Fox 7 news story and thought our fans and visitors would have interest.



Lawmaker Pushes for Pet Theft Penalty


Austin, TX - If your dog or cat is stolen, the thief could face time in state prison.

State Representative Eddie Lucio...

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Texas Two Step

Monday Mar 28, 2011

When you Two-Step you take one step back and two steps forwards.  That's exactly what we did this weekend in Texas.  After our camping plans at Cedar Hill State Park fell through we adapted, improvised, and overcame by visiting both Fort Worth and Austin instead.

Saturday we visited Kiest Park in southwest Dallas.  We visited this park because its loop trails are pa...

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Texas Travels

Saturday Mar 26, 2011

Wednesday night we camped at Eisenhower State Park.  Here we woke up to a great sunrise over Lake Texoma.




We spent most of the day hiking the trails and walking around the park.  After almost 8 miles, I was a very tired dog and was glad when The Chauffeur decided to let me rest while he used the shower facilities.  We staye...

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Fort Smith and Beyond

Thursday Mar 24, 2011

Started yesterday in Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you didn't know that then you missed my previous blog True Grit: Fort Smith.


The day started with The Chauffeur making me take a picture next to a chimney that is named after some (supposedly) famous general and president (I never heard of the guy).


Then we went to the Fort Smith Historic Site (...

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