"Thankful for Dogs" Contest Winners

Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Thankful for Dogs contest.


Initially, we were only going to award one prize to one winner.  But we enjoyed the posts so much, we added three (3) t-shirt prizes.


We will be running several other contests over the coming months as we continue to launch K9RoadTrip.com.  We hope you will ta...

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Posted by Prospect

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Retired Military Dog Receives Stem Cell Therapy

Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

Great video report about a dog that served his country. ~Prospect


WASHINGTON - A Mississippi family has a lot to be thankful for after suffering a devastating loss.

A local veterinarian is helping to give their fallen son's military service dog a new lease on life and their family new hope in healing. (Video included)

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Posted by Prospect

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No Leftovers for Fido

Sunday Nov 28, 2010

Here's an article reminding everyone of the dangers of feeding dogs table scraps.  As tempting as it is to give your favorite dog(s) a taste of the holidays, it's best to maintain proper canine nutrition.

~ The Chauffeur

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Posted by TheChauffeur

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Dogs & the Holidays

Saturday Nov 27, 2010

Here's a good article about dogs (and cats too) and how they too can be stressed during the holidays.


Don't neglect your favorite canine.  Be sure to tell us why you are thankful for your favorite dog(s) and you could win a $50 gift card to help treat your dog(s) special during the holidays.

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Posted by Prospect

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Prospect is with Family

Monday Nov 22, 2010

Prospect and The Chauffeur received a call Friday afternoon to return home and be with family.  Check back soon and we will resume our dog travels when appropriate.


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Posted by Prospect

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