Happy Halloween

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Hope you and your dog had a great weekend.  Prospect was a good dog today, tolerating the fact I mowed the yard instead of playing with him.  Afterwards, he got a special Halloween Treat.  Watch the video for details.


The Chauffeur

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Halloween Fest Goes to the Dogs

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon raises funds for animal shelter

A cavalier spaniel transformed into a caterpillar, and a Border collie mix suited up as a Renaissance man Saturday.

The dogs were among about 25 that competed in a Halloween-inspired costume contest during the second annual Dog Day Afternoon.

The festivities were the latest fundraiser — ...

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Posted by Prospect

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Home Office Supervisor

Friday Oct 29, 2010

Being a Home Office Supervisor is not this dog's style.  Sure there are the daily walks around the local parks and greenways.  But it's not as exciting and fun as "road-tripping."


The Chauffeur promises that one more week of focusing on the website and other related matters then we're gonna to take a long-weekend.  Now I just have to decide if we should ...

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Posted by Prospect

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Dogs Beware near Minneapolis

Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Golden Valley Police Warn Dog Owners After Coyote Attack

Golden Valley Police are warning pet owners after a coyote attacked a small dog in the southwestern part of the city last weekend.

The homeowner managed to scare the coyote off. City officials say the dog is recovering after emergency treatment.

This is not the first coyote sighting in Golden Val...

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Posted by Prospect

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3 Bulldogs Need Your Help

Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

Prospect's good friend Lisa is spearheading a worthy cause.  Lisa who has been personally responsible for the rescue of many many dogs and has several rescues (both permanent and temporary) living at her house.


Lisa has organized bulldog rescue groups from across the country to help provide loving homes to 3 bulldogs rescued from a Missouri Puppy Mill.


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Posted by Prospect

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