Dog Mardi Gras 2011

Monday Feb 28, 2011

I'm worn out from yesterday.  It was a long but fun Sunday traveling to my hometown St. Louis for the Mardi Gras dog festivities.


The Chauffeur woke me up early at 5:00am.  We picked up my dog friends Coco and Callie at 6:00.  I enjoyed the dog company but did not appreciate much their human taking over my front seat the entire day!  And if that was...

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Taking Whiskers Home

Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

Been on the road the past couple days at one of my Office Mascot Consultant clients (Ed "The Chauffeur" also does something here too).  Turns out, through a friend of a friend, we learned yesterday about Whiskers a couple miles away.  He was trying to find a ride to his forever home which happened to be in the same town where we are based.  And since we are heading home this e...

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Prospect is with Family

Monday Nov 22, 2010

Prospect and The Chauffeur received a call Friday afternoon to return home and be with family.  Check back soon and we will resume our dog travels when appropriate.


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Cat-Threat Travel Advisory

Friday Nov 19, 2010

Today's Cat-Threat Travel Advisory is:  RED


The sneaky cats are starting to hide in rocks and weeds so they can ambush unsuspecting dogs enjoying a morning walk. 


The ringleaders are pictured below.




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Afternoon in Pictures

Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

Had lots of physical activity today so going to summarize the afternoon with three photos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is a 3000 plus word blog!

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