Texas Travels

Saturday Mar 26, 2011

Wednesday night we camped at Eisenhower State Park.  Here we woke up to a great sunrise over Lake Texoma.




We spent most of the day hiking the trails and walking around the park.  After almost 8 miles, I was a very tired dog and was glad when The Chauffeur decided to let me rest while he used the shower facilities.  We staye...

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Fort Smith and Beyond

Thursday Mar 24, 2011

Started yesterday in Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you didn't know that then you missed my previous blog True Grit: Fort Smith.


The day started with The Chauffeur making me take a picture next to a chimney that is named after some (supposedly) famous general and president (I never heard of the guy).


Then we went to the Fort Smith Historic Site (...

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True Grit: Fort Smith

Wednesday Mar 23, 2011

After a full morning hiking around Devil's Den State Park we arrived in Fort Smith last night.  Driving down I-540 we found a spot where The Chauffeur said the humans inside were super-friendly and their fried catfish was extra tasty (If it weren't for me his only travel criteria would be the availability of catfish.  Good thing we met so I can broaden his horizons.)


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Swims, Hiking, and even History

Tuesday Mar 22, 2011

The first couple days of our road trip to Dallas are going great.  Be sure to follow the links below for more details, pictures (Images tabs), trails, and discussion of specific points at each stop (Points tabs)


In southwest Missouri, we learned why it is always important for traveling dogs to pack their own supply of water.  At a westbound I-44 rest ar...

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On The Road Again

Sunday Mar 20, 2011

After a long winter I'm excited to be getting back on the road!  Moments after posting this we will be heading to SW MO for the night where I'll get to visit one of my favorite people.  He claims to be a cat person but he really likes me despite what he says.  Sometimes when he doesn't get his bedroom door shut tight I leave sleeping with The Chauffeur and sneak into bed with him!


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