Real-World Therapy Dog Certificate

Sunday Aug 21, 2011

I was feeling a little bummed after my performance on Saturday's therapy dog evaluation. But Ed "The Chauffeur" has been telling me a one-time exam performance does not always reflect reality. He's been telling me stories of real-world successes without a formal education or diploma.


I already knew about Bill Gates who dropped out of college (Did you expect a dog with ...

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What's in a dog's name?

Thursday Aug 4, 2011

From time to time I am asked how I got the name 'Prospect.'

From my Story & Bio page you know how I came to be living at a trucking company office in April 2009. When we were invited to participate in an event with Animal Rescue SuperHighway in April 2011, Ed aka The Chauffeur's presentation (found on the In Our Words page) alludes to how a few months prior his life had change...

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Dog Office Locations

Thursday Jul 28, 2011

I am a lucky dog. I get to take my human along to my office every day.

And I have multiple offices! Some I like more than others. My "Home Office" is close to the kitchen and lets me keep close tabs on Fluffer the neighbor cat. But the Home Office gets boring.

Some days my human aka Ed "The Chauffeur" will sit behind the desk shedding a few more ...

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Observations from a Dog's Life

Tuesday Jul 26, 2011

Why is there a positive correlation between how good food smells and how high my human places it?

• If I have little interest the food gets left on the table.


• If I show interest the food gets placed on the stove top.


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Random Dog Photo Ramblings

Monday Jul 18, 2011

It is the middle of July. In Missouri. Which means heat, humidity, and being a homebody. The weather is perfect for a walk each morning at about 5:30am.  Otherwise it's straight into the lake at the park.


But I have not had a swim since Saturday morning. My human Ed aka "The Chauffeur" has some perverse rational when it comes to water. Since he soaked me with the ...

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