A Dog's Worst Nightmare

Wednesday Jun 1, 2011

This dog has had a difficult past 12 hours. It all started when I became the victim of falling household items.  When I updated my Facebook status last night, little did I know how rough it would get.  As one of my fans said, yesterday was truly my Monday (with the Memorial Day holiday).  Another fan said it could be worse with a bath. Fortunately it is the first month and The...

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Posted by Prospect

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Rainbows and Spring Critters

Monday May 23, 2011

It's spring time. That means vibrant green grass and leaves and storms. Lots of people are hurting and struggling through the aftermath of tornados and floods. Last night tornados hit southwest Missouri; our immediate friends are safe but please keep the dogs and their humans in the Joplin, MO area in your thoughts and prayers.


Part of the same storm system brought th...

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Posted by Prospect

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Ernie & Me: Paw-some Music Video

Friday Feb 4, 2011

Special thanks to Randy Barr (www.RandyBarr.net) for writing a great dog song, creating this demo video (can't wait to see the completed studio version), and allowing us to share with the dog world.



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Posted by Prospect

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NEW Dog Toy!!!

Friday Nov 5, 2010

Someone special brought me a new dog toy today!  I LOVE IT


See the pictures and video.







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Posted by Prospect

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Happy Halloween

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Hope you and your dog had a great weekend.  Prospect was a good dog today, tolerating the fact I mowed the yard instead of playing with him.  Afterwards, he got a special Halloween Treat.  Watch the video for details.


The Chauffeur

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Posted by TheChauffeur

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