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Royal Farms

Hwy 36 @ US Hwy 13
Greenwood, DE


Green Area Availability : Easy to find
Green Area Access : Typical Access
Green Area Size : 5-10 min walk possible
Green Area Cleanliness : Heavily Littered
People Food Options : 1-2
Fuel Options : 1-2
Congestion : Effort minimizes contact with others

While in Delaware we found this spot which receives a rare "Avoid."  Located on State Hwy 16 at the junction of US 13, we stopped at the Royal Farms convenience store.  We needed gas, The Chauffeur was hungry, and this dog needed a travel break.


The parking lot was spacious.  Along the front (north) was a big stretch of green and along US 13 on the west was even more green.


But the ground was heavily littered with trash.  Even a good dog like me had trouble staying focused on the task at hand.  But it was not just the heavy litter or the fact they charged The Chauffeur full price for a soda refill when he used his own cup.  The fact The Chauffeur came out with NO food and NO appetite told me something else was wrong.


He said the restroom was DISGUSTING.  He said the smell and stench reminded him of a park outhouse in the middle of August (the kind with no water, just a pit in the ground). 


He said the bathroom may not have been the worse he has seen or smelled but it was definitely Top 5; that the odor was not from a busy day but was accumulated over a period of time.  He says there is no way anyone would believe how bad the restroom was without experiencing it first-hand.

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Royal Farms

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Royal Farms

Royal Farms

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Royal Farms

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