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I-35 Exit 21

Oswalt Road


Green Area Availability : Easy to find
Green Area Access : Easier than normal
Green Area Size : 5-10 min walk possible
Green Area Cleanliness : Heavily Littered
People Food Options : 0
Fuel Options : 1-2
Congestion : Infrequent Encounters

After our experience at the Rest Area at Mile Marker 3 (northbound), The Chauffeur finally learned this time of year in Oklahoma he needs to inspect the ground before I get cockleburs in the paw.


Although the time of the year for cockleburs, we didn't encounter any here.   Despite the worn dirt (would be muddy after a rain) and litter along the parking lot edge, we enjoyed this spot for its low traffic and easy access to "dog business" areas.


The only people amenity is the Valero gas station.  The Chauffeur said the inside was lacking in comfort (the bathroom did not have hot water).  But this stop wasn't for him.

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I-35 Exit 21

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I-35 Exit 21

I-35 Exit 21

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I-35 Exit 21

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