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I-35 Exit 496B


Green Area Availability : Hard pressed to find
Green Area Access : Difficult to Access
People Food Options : 6-9
Fuel Options : 3
Congestion : Constant Encounters

To the east towards the people amenities, this exit is very congested and compact.  This exit came close to receiving an "avoid" but was saved by Leonard Park and Moffett Park on the west side.


Around the restaurants and gas stations, what green area is available is minimal and very difficult to access.  Therefore we didn't bother taking pictures of each stop -- there's only so much asphalt and concrete a dog can stand.

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I-35 Exit 496B

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  • Dog Photo #1 from I-35 Exit 496B
  • Dog Photo #2 from I-35 Exit 496B

I-35 Exit 496B

I-35 Exit 496B

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Moffett Park - Dog Spot

Visit the Moffett Park link from the description tab.

Leonard Park

Visit the Leonard Park link from the description tab.

I-35 Exit 496B

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