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6025 N. Watkins
Memphis, TN 38053



President - Julie Brown 901-412-2627 
Vice President- Stephanie Williamson

FOCAS (Friends of the Community Animal Society) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), volunteer organization. Our volunteers raise funds for sick animal veterinary care, foster care of sick and orphaned animals, and community education. If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a foster parent, call the FOCAS President at 901-412-2627 or email at We are always in need of foster parents, especially to bottle feed and care for the sick ones that need special care. Even if you can only foster for a short while, it would help relieve some others!


The purposes of this corporation shall be: 
1. To provide volunteer care and foster homes for homeless, unwanted and neglected animals in the community of Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas. 
2. To promote responsible pet ownership, particularly in the areas of over-population, pet neglect and pet abuse. 
3. All animals are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. 


Come Visit Us

Visit our other site to make donations via Paypal:

Download our pet adoption application by clicking on the "application link on our other website. It will open up a new tab or page (depending on your settings). Click "save". After saving, please print the application and mail, fax, email, or bring the application in person. 

Once your adoption is approved, you will need to sign a legal standing contract stating you are willing to abide by certain by-laws within the rescue community. 



Anyone wishing to adopt an animal must fill out an application and an adoption contract. The application is reviewed before the adoption is approved. FOCAS reserves the right to decline an adoption contract. The adoption fee (which barely covers costs) is usually $60.00 for cats, and for dogs is $75.00 and up. This includes up-to-date shots, testing, deworming and spay/neuter. If it was not for donations, we would not be able to spay and neuter the animals we now have in foster care. We have always relied on the Tennesee Spay/Neuter Grant to help offset the cost, but due to lack of funding, this year we did not get it. So, please keep the donations coming so we can keep spaying/neutering the animals.



Please send donations to our mailing address:


6025 N. Watkins 
Millington, TN 38053 
Phone: 901-412-2627 



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