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I-30 Exit 83

Friendship, AR


Green Area Availability : Easy to find
Green Area Access : Easily Accessed
Green Area Size : Able to sniff around
People Food Options : 0
Fuel Options : 1-2

Not realizing we were so close to Arkadelphia, my chaffeur stopped here to get some gas (the dufus let his gas tank get so low the car was beeping).


It was rainy so I didn't want to get out. But there appears to be ample space to stretch one's paws away from the flow of customers.


Five miles south I-30 Exit 78 is a great exit for both human and dog needs.

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I-30 Exit 83

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I-30 Exit 83

I-30 Exit 83

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D & D's One Stop (Shell)

D&D's One Stop is the only service available at this exit. 

I-30 Exit 83

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