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I-55 Exit 123

Biehle / Route B


Green Area Availability : Not Scarce / Not Abundant
Green Area Access : Typical Access
Green Area Size : Able to sniff around
People Food Options : 1-2
Fuel Options : 1-2
Congestion : Effort minimizes contact with others

This exit takes a little effort to get to the prime green area.  But if the travelling dog is in need of bathroom stop and stretch this exit would be worth it.  Behind the Rhodes Convenience Store (next to Route B) is a green area just less than 1/4 of acre.  With the Country Kettle parking lot in close proximity, look for a spot near the convenience store building to minimize congestion and encounters.  On other side of Country Kettle is a large gravel lot for trucks.  Parking here will help the travelling dog get in and out with minimal surrounding traffic.

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I-55 Exit 123

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I-55 Exit 123

I-55 Exit 123

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Country Kettle

On the far (north) side of Country Kettle is a srip of green about 15 feet wide and 75 feet long.  This area can easily be accessed from the gravel truck parking lot.  From here you can have a moderately easy walk to the large green area behind the Rhodes Convenience Store.

Green Area

In the rear of the Rhodes Convenience Store this approximately 1/4 of an acre green area offers the travelling dog ample opportunity to sniff out and claim some territory.

I-55 Exit 123

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