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I-55 Exit 162

Routes OO & DD


Green Area Availability : Not Scarce / Not Abundant
Green Area Access : Typical Access
Green Area Size : Able to sniff around
People Food Options : 1-2
Fuel Options : 0
Congestion : Infrequent Encounters

This interstate exit is all about the travelling dog.  A commuter parking lot offers the travelling dog the ability to get out, stretch, and mark territory without any hussle and bussle.  There is one people food option though it is more of the sit down and dine in variety.  Though a call ahead could probably have a pizza ready for carry-out.


For an interstate exit with fuel options and a sub sandwiches from a convenient store check out nearby I-55 Exit 157.

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I-55 Exit 162

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I-55 Exit 162

I-55 Exit 162

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Commuter Parking Lot

The grass is cut and maintained for a width of 15-20 feet around the parking lot perimeter.  Walking the perimeter the travelling dog will be able to sniff out territory in a walk of about 100 yards.  And if you are travelling during non-commuter hours like we were (Sunday morning), the lot should be wide open.

Pony Express Pizza & Family Dining

For those that want to try a carry-out pizza, the phone number is (573) 483-3223.

I-55 Exit 162

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