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Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

160 Camino de las Crucitas
Santa Fe, NM

Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park Webpage


We hear this park is not fenced.  The City of Santa Fe's Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park Webpage offers few details other than designating it an official dog park where leash rules do not apply.


We've heard good things about this dog park and that it includes off-leash trails with scenic valley views.


Source: Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park Webpage

Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

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Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

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Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

northy989 said on: Nov 23, 2011 - 12:27pm

I live here in Santa Fe, so we feel very blessed to have this dog park. The park is way off the main road, and it is so huge that you really don't need to worry about the lack of fencing. Miles of trails and open spaces for dogs to stretch their legs. The only negative is no water in the winter months when they turn it off. In the summer there is a fountain at the far end of the park. I've lived in California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Missouri, and I have never been to an official dog park that is even close to this big. Some state parks where everyone lets their dogs go off leash, but it's not technically allowed, but nothing like this. We regularly meet people who have stopped while driving through Santa Fe because they heard about it (from Arizona or other parts of the country) and all say it's the best they've ever been to.

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