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Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park

Just a Walk in the Park Website


Water Availability : Bring your own H20

The dog park is located in The Liane Levetan Park at Brook Run and is situated toward the back of the property.  For detailed directions once you arrive at Brook Run please visit the Just a Walk in the Park (JAWITP) Directions and FAQ page. (They also have some awesome photos of the local dogs.)

The Liane Levetan Park dog park is extremely popular.  Many visitors travel long distances just to visit.. The main reason is probably the sheer size of the dog park; which is close to 4 acres, fully wooded, and completely fenced with 6 ft. high chain link. This dog park has been called "Disneyland for dogs." The dog park includes paths throughout. If you walk along the entire fence line, you will walk one-third of a mile.

The dog park does NOT have a water source for our dogs. There are large water buckets which are kept clean by volunteers on a weekly basis. One bucket  is located in the main seating area; the other is up in the back of the park in the seating area known as Stan's Spot. There are no bathroom facilities or water fountains for humans within the dog park itself.

DeKalb Co. provides poop bags in dispensers just inside the two entrances. Special poop cans are located adjacent to the dispensers. Inside the dog park are human trash cans as well as a recycling can for the many plastic water jugs use.

The entire Brook Run facility is open from sunrise to sunset, so those are the hours of the dog park, too. There is just enough lighting to allow evening visitors to exit safely when the sun goes down. When the lights come on, that is a signal to gather your dogs and begin heading out.

Please be aware that the law requires dogs to be on-leash between your car and the dog park itself! 


For complete dog park rules, directions and a list of FAQs, please visit the JAWITP website.


Source: Just A Walk in the Park Website

Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park

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Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park

Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park

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Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park

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