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Hill's Bark Park

at Gage Park
SW 10th Ave & SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS


Water Availability : Water Fountains & Well Pumps
Separate Small & Large Dog Areas : Yes

What was once an old, abandoned softball diamond has turned into a playground for dogs. Hill's Bark Park is located at the SE corner of Gage Park (near 10th & Gage Blvd. entrance).

There are two separate fenced-in areas with double gated entrances for small and large breed dogs. Inside each area there are picnic tables,
chairs, benches, water facilities, pet waste stations, and dog toys. The facility is lighted for after dark use.  

For dog park rules visit the Hill's Bark Park homepage (scroll to bottom).


Source: Hill's Bark Park Website


Prospect's Notes:


The dog citizens of Topeka have a great dog park within Gage Park.  The big dog park is about an acre and the small dog area is about 1/3 acre.  There is a water fountain, but it had been shut-off for the winter.  As is common with dog parks without running water, many conscious humans have brought tubs that are filled by visiting dog chauffeurs.


A shelter with tables provide shade for the adjoining two adjoining dog areas.  Other amenities include poop bags in case you happen to forget your own supply.


I had a great time visiting Hill's Bark Park where I got lots of exercise playing with Brutus, Zoe, Paisley, Sparky, Monroe and several other friendly dogs.

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Hill's Bark Park

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Hill's Bark Park

Hill's Bark Park

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Hill's Bark Park

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