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Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area

5401 N. Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

City of Scottsdale Off Leash Areas

(480) 312-WOOF


Water Availability : Water Fountains & Well Pumps
Separate Small & Large Dog Areas : No

Chaparral Park's Off Leash Area is 4 acres with 3 acres of grass.  


The Off-Leash Area is divided into three separate sections. Sections will be rotated to allow for maintenance and turf repair. One section will always be closed for maintenance and turf restoration. Two sections will be open the majority of the time with one area designated for Active dogs and another for Passive dogs. 

The new Off-Leash Area includes turf areas, seating, play features and water fountains
Patrons may bring additional portable chairs, which must be removed when they leave. 


Patrons may bring tennis balls/toys but they must be removed by the owner or staff will remove them.

Please call (480) 312-2353 or (480) 312-WOOF (9663) to find out about Chaparral’s Off Leash Area’s status (e.g., open or not due to rain, maintenance, etc.).  Lights will be on from dusk to 10pm


November 1 - April 30  6:00AM - 10PM.  

May 1 - October 31  5:30AM - 10PM

* All areas will be closed when wet conditions exist.
** In the event of frost, the park will not open at sunrise.  Activity on frosty grass causes damage to and may kill the rye grass.


Weekly Maintenance Closures

The Off-Leash Area will experience weekly maintenance closures for mowing and irrigation work. These closures will occur on:

Tuesdays - 8 a.m. to Noon
Fridays - 8 a.m. to Noon


For dog park rules visit the City of Scottsdale Off-Leash Dog Area webpage.

Source: City of Scottsdale (AZ) Parks & Recreation -- Off-Leash Dog Areas

Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area

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Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area

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Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area

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