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This is a summary list of dog spots and dog friendly information that can be found on the Journey Guide Map.


I-30 Exit 78
wolly hollow state park
Arkansas Welcome Center
Lake Catherine State Park
US 65 Coursey's Smoked Hams
I-30 Exit 83
I-30 Exit 46/a>
McRae Park Prescott Ar
I-30 Exit 63
I-30 Exit 98a
Jenkins Ferry State Park
I-30 Exit 111
I-30 Exit 114
I-30 Exit 148
US 54 @ MO 19 Roadside Park
MO 27 @ US 136
I-30 Exit 78
Roadside Park US20
US 20 Scenic Overlook
US 20 - Winnebago/a>
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 194 Southbound
I-55 Exit 187
I-55 Exit 109
Burns Park
Pinnacle Mountain State Park
Big Dam Bridge
Crater of Diamonds State Park
I-30 Rest Area Mile Marker 93
Bennett Spring State Park
US 54 @ MO 52
Pawm Springs Dog Park
Officer Lucy Dog Park
Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park
Hogan's Run Dog Park
RJ Dog Park
Echo Mountain Off-Leash Arena
Rose Mofford Sports Complex Dog Park
Dog Park
Chaparral Park Off-Leash Dog Area
Horizon Park Off-Leash Dog Area
Vista del Camino Park Off-Leash Dog Area
Dog Park at Creamery Park
Dog Park at Jaycee Park
Dog Park at Mitchell Park
Dog Park at Papago Park
Tempe Sports Complex Dog Park
Star Valley Park Dog Park
Dog Park at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park
Dog Park at George Mehl Family Foothills Park
Dog Park at McDonald Park
Dog Park at Northwest Community Park
Las Cruces Dog Park
Santa Fe Village Dog Park
North Domingo Baca Dog Park
Coronado Park Dog Park
Dog Park at Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park
Dog Park at Los Altos Park
Dog Park at Rio Grande Triangle Park
Roosevelt Park Dog Park
Dog Park at Tower Pond Park
Dog Park at Westgate Community Park
Dog Park at USS Bullhead Park
Dog Park at Montessa Park
Olendorf Roadside Park
Hill's Bark Park
Mutt Run Off-Leash Dog Park
Off-Leash Park at Riverfront Park
Waggin' Tails Dog Park
Dog Park at Thomas S Stoll Memorial Park
Dog Park at Heritage Park
Baron Cameron Dog Park
Blake Lane Dog Park
Chandon Dog Park
Grist Mill Dog Park
Quinn Farm Dog Park
Mason District Dog Park
South Run Dog Park
Canine Crossing Dog Park
Tyler's Place Macon Dog Park
Off-Leash Dog Area at Oconee Forest Park
Memorial Park Dog Park
Sandy Creek Park Dog Parks
Wiggley Field Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park
Dog Park at Adair Park
Dog Park at Glenlake Park
Dog Park at Oakhurst Park
Pitner Road Dog Park
Dog Park at Sweat Mountain Park
Dog Park at Liane Levetan Park
Dog Park at Piedmont Park
Waggy World Paw Park
Dog Park at Frazier Park Neighborhood Park
rk Swaney Pointe K-9 Park
Barkingham Park
Ray S Fetching Meadow
Davie Dog Park
Frank S Ortiz Dog Park
City of Irving Dog Park
Central Bark Dog Park
Dog Park at Bickham Rudkin Park
Norman Community Dog Park
Paw Park
Bark Dog Park at Miami Meadows
Schappacher Park Dog Park
Dog Park at Highland Hills Park
Kenton Paw Park
Mt Airy Dog Park
Dog Park at Armleder Park
Karst Dog Park at Karst Farm Park
Kellogg Park Dog Field
Pierson Bark Park
Dog Park at Edwin Warner Park
Shelby Dog Park
Centennial Dog Park
St Anthony Parkway Off-Leash Recreation Area
Franklin Terrace Off-Leash Recreation Area
Lake of the Isles Off-Leash Recreation Area
Loring Park Off-Leash Dog Park
Minnehaha Off-Leash Recreation Area
Pomme de Terre State Park
I-55 Exit 162
I-55 Exit 157
I-55 Exit 123
Beale Street
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 111 Southbound
I-55 Exit 105
Weiss Park
Memphis' First Dog Park
Shelby Farms Park Conservancy
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 278
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 240
Holmes County State Park
I-55 Exit 119
I-55 Exit 237
Mississippi Un-Welcome Center
Tennessee Welcome Center
Arkansas Welcome Center - Southbound
US 63 Exit 14
I-55 Exit 150
All Creatures Pet Hospital
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 27 Northbound
I-55 Rest Area Mile Marker 65 Northbound
Beaver Dam State Park
Wayside Waifs
I-70 Rest Area Mile Marker 104 Westbound
I-70 Exit 103
I-70 Exit 58
I-70 Rest Area Mile Marker 58 Westbound
KS Turnpike I-70 Mile Marker 209
KS Turnpike I-70 Mile Marker 188
MacLennan Park
KS Turnpike I-35 Mile Marker 137
KS Turnpike I-35 Mile Marker 97
KS Turnpike I-35 Mile Marker 65
Emergency Veterinary Clinic
Arson Canine Ashley's Memorial Dog Park
Chapin Park
Roadside Park US 177
Oklahoma Welcome Center
I-35 Exit 222
I-35 Parking Area Mile Marker 210 Southbound
I-35 Exit 203
I-35 Parking Area Mile Marker 173
I-35 Exit 157
I-35 Exit 137
I-44 Parking Area Mile Marker 96 Southbound
Shannon Springs Park
Centennial Park
I-44 Turnpike Service Plaza Mile Marker 86
Oklahoma River Trails
I-35 Scenic Turnout
I-35 Scenic Turnout
I-35 Scenic Turnout
Turner Falls
I-35 Rest Area Mile Marker 59 Southbound
Pecan Grove Vet Hospital
Keyser Dog Park
The Doggie Playhouse LLC
VCA Newark Animal Hospital
Dog Star Ranch
Dog Star Ranch
Dog Star Ranch
Dog Star Ranch
Dog Star Ranch
Carousel Park
Poverty's Pets
From the Heart
Family Dogs New Life
Barks R Us
Northwest Veterinary Specialists
Homeward Bound Humane Society
Blue Heron Haven Beach Rental House
Roadside Park US 82
Leonard Park
I-35 Exit 496B
Moffett Park
I-35 Rest Areas Mile Marker 3 Northbound
Wonder Weims Rescue
I-35 Exit 21
I-35 Exit 55
Bonita Springs Dog Beach
Central Bark Dog Park
Humane Society of Monroe County
Rancho San Rafael Park
Pere Marquette State Park
Pelican Bark Park
It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption
Dog's By Design
Wagmore Pet Salon
Santora Fine Art
Scalawags Pet Boutique
Hidden Oaks Dog Park Cub Creek
Camp Wag-a-tail
I-44 Rest Area Mile Marker 52 Westbound
Arkansas Welcome Center
Lake Bella Vista
Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
I-540 Exit 24
Devil's Den State Park
Creekmore Park
Fort Smith Historic Site
Oklahoma Welcome Center
Eisenhower State Park
Texas Welcome Center US 75 / US 69
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
Keist Park
Camp Bow Wow
I-35 Rest Area Mile Marker 393 Southbound
I-35 Rest Area Mile Marker 283 Southbound
I-35W Exit 15
Missouri Welcome Center
I-35 Scenic Turnout
Dog Walker
Fairbanks Park
Buck Creek State Park
Point State Park
Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Shenandoah National Park
Jim Barnett Park
Winchester Dog Park
Manassas National Battlefield Park
I-81 Exit 302
I-66 Exit 31
Monument Avenue
Virginia Welcome Center
Old Town Alexandria Dog Friendly
City of Lewes Beach Dog Friendly
Cape Henlopen State Park
Royal Farms
Paws Pet Resort
Huntington Dog Beach
I-476 Allentown Service Plaza
Kirby Park
River Common Park
Hwy 29 Picnic Rest Area
The Rocks Scenic Overlook
I-390 Scenic Area Mile Marker 8
I-390N Rest Area Mile Marker 37
TheraVet Acres Rehabilitation and Fitness
Niagara Falls State Park

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