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The first issue of K9 Bark, the Official Newsletter, has been published!

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Volume 1 Issue 1 contains the following articles:

  • Greta: A Dog Story of Hope – Page 2

    Greta the Dog had been rescued by loving humans and found a way to help a human with her own rescue work. After being rescued Greta went missing for 87 days. Her story provides hope for those in tornado-stricken areas still seeking their canine loved ones.

  • K9 Health: Dr. Kelly Hogan & the Veterinary Blood Bank – Page 6

    Read the Q&A Interview with Dr. Hogan and learn about pet blood donations.

  • Featured Dog World Spot - Page 4

    Read about one of Prospect’s favorite spots.

  • The Backyard by Ed aka The Chauffeur – Page 8

    Message from the human.

  • Featured Member Photos - Page 3

    See selected photos uploaded by members

  • Prospect’s Travel Highlights – Page 1

    Summary of Prospect & Ed’s Travels the past 3 months

  • Prospect’s Travel Blog Log - Page 4

    Index to Prospect’s travel updates provides easy way to get up-to-speed on the traveling dog’s adventures.

  • Prospect’s Photos from the Dog World – Page 5

    Select Photos from Prospect’s recent travels.

  • Places Prospect Has Been – Page 5

    A short list of the spots Prospect has visited during the last 3 months.

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