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Texas State Park Pet Policy



(c) Animals. Except as provided in this subsection, it is an offense for any person to bring into a state park, possess while in a state park, or release into a state park any species of animal. A pet or equine may be brought into and possessed within a state park as provided in this subsection.

1. Equine. It is an offense for any person to:

(A) ride, drive, lead, or keep equines, except in designated areas;
(B) ride equines in a manner that is dangerous to a person or animal;
(C) allow equines to stand unattended or insecurely tied; or
(D) hitch equines to a tree, shrub, or structure in any manner that may cause damage.

2. Pets. It is an offense for any person to:

(A) bring into, possess, or permit to roam within a state park a pet, unless the pet is secured by a leash not exceeding six feet in length, confined in a vehicle, or confined in a suitable cage;
(B) bring into or possess within a state park an unattended pet;
(C) fail to immediately collect and properly dispose of fecal material deposited by a pet for which a person is responsible. For purposes of this paragraph, “properly dispose” means to deposit fecal material in an appropriate solid waste collection container;
(D) bring a pet into an area where pets are prohibited;
(E) permit a pet (except a trained assistance animal accompanying a person with a disability) to enter into or remain in any building or enclosure designated for public use including, but not limited to, a restaurant, snack bar, cabin, lodge room, restroom, park store, shelter, refectory building, amphitheater, administration building, or railroad coach;
(F) permit a pet in the water of a designated swimming area or to permit a pet animal (except a trained assistance animal accompanying a person with a disability) within the land or beach area adjacent to the water of a designated swimming area; or
(G) possess a noisy, vicious, or dangerous pet, or a pet which creates a disturbance to or hazard within a state park;

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