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Oregon State Park Dog Information

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Oregon State Park Pet Policy



Our parks are popular, and safety for our visitors is paramount. Please cooperate with your neighbor and with park staff. The rules below are designed to reduce the risk of injury or property damage, and to keep the peace within the park.

All types of pets must be kept on a leash (maximum 6 feet long), or in a vehicle or tent. The pet must be under physical control at all times, meaning you must be holding your pet, holding onto its collar, or be controlling its leash. Your roaming pet can scare, hurt or kill wildlife, frighten or bite other visitors, or get into a fight. Your pet is in an unusual situation, and may not react the way you think he will. Problems may turn into serious liability to you and your pocketbook.

Bring bags! You must clean up after your dog, and dispose of wastes into the garbage. This is a health and sanitation issue, and we take it seriously.

You are responsible for your pet’s behavior. Barking dogs (or other noisy animals) can wreak havoc on a peaceful campground, and create ill will among campers. Please do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle or a tent at your campsite.

No animals, except for designated service animals, are allowed in any building or structure. Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies, so we cannot allow pets in such structures as yurts, cabins and tepees.


Exercise pens are to be moved daily to maintain the best possible conditions for the grounds.

Pets must be properly licensed and inoculated. An identification tag is a smart idea. The tag should include a number where somebody can be reached when you are away from home.

Animals found loose may be seized and subjected to laws pertaining to stray animals. Should your animal become lost, immediately call the local authorities to find the locations of the nearest stray holding facilities.

Most, but not all, state parks allow dogs on their trails. Check with park staff if you are not sure.

The following parks have designated off-lead areas:

Champoeg State Heritage Area (7 miles east of Newberg)
Farewell Bend State Park (1 mile north of I-84 exit 353)
Milo McIver State Park (4 miles west of Estacada)
Rooster Rock State Park (I-84, 22 miles east of Portland)
Molalla River State Park (2 miles north of Canby)
The Cove Palisades State Park (15 miles southwest of Madras)
Silver Falls State Park (26 miles east of Salem)
Willamette Mission State Park (8 miles north of Salem)

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy only. The governing agency may have updated policies not reflected by information provided here. We recommend you verify current pet policies with the relevant governing agency prior to your visit. strives to ensure correct information is provided. Please notify us at if you have updated information.

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