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Alabama State Park Dog Information

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Frequently asked questions about dogs in Alabama State Parks:



Are dogs allowed in cabins, cottages, chalets, hotel rooms or group lodges?

Only in the "Dog Friendly" cabins or chalets (unless dog is assisting the disabled). These dog friendly cabins or chalets have been selected to ensure your visit with your dog will be comfortable for all. Kennels are not provided. Management will terminate the dog owner’s stay if found in violation of this rule. The owner will not be refunded for any part of their stay. A cleaning fee will be enforced upon check out.


Do you charge a dog fee per dog?

Yes, in the cabins, chalets and cottages that are dog friendly, $15.00 per night. Please request this rate when making reservations and report the number of dogs when checking in. Owners not reporting dogs will be charge the fee and this amount will be collected at check out. The fee is charged if the dog visits for the day or stays overnight.


Are dogs allowed in campgrounds?

Yes. Dogs are allowed in tents/campers with owner. Dog owners are required to clean up after their dog. Dogs may not be left unattended at any time and must be on a 6-foot leash or in a crate. The guest is responsible for any damage caused by dog and may also be asked to leave if dog disturbs other guests. The owner will not be refunded for any part of their reservation. Guest is responsible for ensuring their dog has the most current vaccinations. Guest may be requested to present proof of vaccination.


Are dogs allowed in Country store, restaurants or any food service areas?




Are dogs allowed in the bathhouse, pool or in swimming areas?  



Are dogs allowed on the trails?

Yes, in most parks as long as you keep your dog with you and on a leash. Please check with each park for specific information as bike and horseback riding trails may not allow dogs for safety reasons.


Can my dog ride on the back of my truck, top of my car or be left in my car or tied to railing or tree unattended or without a leash?


No. Dogs must be in a secure riding area and the owner must be near the dog at all times. Dogs left unattended for more than 30 minutes (or in a hot vehicle) may be confiscated by park staff and turned over to proper authorities.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy only. The governing agency may have updated policies not reflected by information provided here. We recommend you verify current pet policies with the relevant governing agency prior to your visit. strives to ensure correct information is provided. Please notify us at if you have updated information.

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