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Wind Cave National Park Dog & Pet Policy

South Dakota
(605) 745-4600

36 CFR 2.15

2.15 (a) (1). All public use buildings and caves are closed to pets. All areas closed to motor vehicle use are closed to pets. Pets are permitted on established roadways and roadway corridors. Additionally, pets may be taken on the Elk Mountain and Prairie Vista Nature Trails.

2.15 (a) (3). Leaving pets unattended or tied to any object within the Park is prohibited, including the exterior of motor vehicles parked within Park boundaries. Pets may be left unattended within motor vehicles with proper ventilation and water and in weather that is not hazardous to the immediate welfare of the animal.

Pet Boarding is available in Hot Springs:

Fall River Veterinary Clinic
$5.00 per day $7.50 per night
Must have proof of vaccinations.

Mutt House
$7.00 Pets must be dropped off before 11:00 AM.

Anise's Personal Touch Pet Care

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