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Voyageurs National Park Dog & Pet Policy

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• Are pets allowed at campsites?
• What is the park’s pet policy?


The current pet policy in Voyageurs National Park, based on the Code of Federal Regulations, is that all pets may not be left unattended; pets must be physically restrained at all times while in the park; and pets are not allowed on trails. Visitors are encouraged to leave their pets at home, but pets are permitted in the campsites on the four major lakes.


The 2003 Compendium, in accordance with 36 CFR 1.7(b), states that pets are prohibited within the park with the following exceptions:

• Pets are permitted in developed zones at the Rainy Lake, Ash River, and Kabetogama Lake visitor centers, and the Kettle Falls area; residences of permanent employees; use and occupancy leases; private boats; and campsites within 100 feet of the shoreline of Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, and Sand Point lakes.

• Pets must be vaccinated and have a valid vaccination tag.

• Dog teams and dog sleds are permitted only under written permit.

Under 37 CFR 2.15 (a)(1) and 1.5 (a), the Superintendent may restrict areas where pets may be allowed. Under this authority, Voyageurs National Park has regulated where pets may be allowed:

• Prior to 1987 . . . pets were prohibited from all trails.

The purpose of Voyageurs National Park is to protect resources and provide for their enjoyment by visitors. Pets, and in particular dogs, can conflict with both of these. Domestic animals can carry diseases to which native wildlife may be susceptible. Also, domestic animals can harass, chase, and kill wildlife if not physically restrained at all times. Sanitation problems and noise created by domestic animals at campsites can markedly detract from the enjoyment of the camping experience or of watching wildlife.

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