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Redwood National and State Parks Dog & Pet Policy

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Pets are wonderful creatures that give comfort and companionship; however, a national or state park is not the best place for them. Domestic dogs and cats retain their instinct to mark territory with scent and may spread domestic diseases to wildlife. Studies show that wildlife leave the area when pets leave their scent. Unleashed pets may chase wildlife, causing injury to wildlife or to the pet! Your unleashed pet may get lost and become a meal for a coyote or a mountain lion. Please follow these regulations:

    * Pets are not allowed on any trails.

    * Pets must remain on a leash under six feet (2 m) in length and be under your control and all times.

    * Leashed pets are allowed at Crescent and Gold Bluffs beaches, all road-accessible picnic areas, the parking area of Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center, the Freshwater Lagoon Spit, and state park campgrounds and roads.

    * Only guide animals are allowed in park buildings or at interpretive programs.

    * Keep dogs away from any dead fish that may be found along the river banks. Raw salmon, if eaten, is extremely toxic.

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Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy only. The governing agency may have updated policies not reflected by information provided here. We recommend you verify current pet policies with the relevant governing agency prior to your visit. strives to ensure correct information is provided. Please notify us at if you have updated information.

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