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Mesa Verde National Park Dog & Pet Policy

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Activities with pets are very limited at Mesa Verde National Park. Pets are not allowed on trails, in archeological sites, or in buildings (service animals, excepted). Pets may be walked along paved roads, in parking lots, and at the campground. However, pets must be leashed at all times when outside a vehicle. Leaving pets unattended or tied to any object within the park is prohibited, including the exterior of motor vehicles parked within park boundaries.

Be Aware!
Please remember that your pet is as susceptible to the heat as you are. Keep your pet hydrated and cool. Pets may be left unattended within motor vehicles with proper ventilation and water, only in weather that is not hazardous to the immediate welfare of the animal. With daytime temperatures at Mesa Verde ranging from 80° to over 90° from late-spring to early-fall, the inside of a car can get hot very quickly, endangering your pet. On warm days, the temperature in a car can rise to 120° in a matter of minutes, even with the windows opened slightly. There are few shady locations to park your car, so even on cooler days, temperatures within the car can still rise to dangerous levels.

Service Animals
There are many opportunities and locations within Mesa Verde National Park for individuals with service animals to visit and enjoy. Because these opportunities change on a seasonal basis, please contact us so we may assist you with both pre-planning and during your visit.

If you choose to board your pet, a number of kennels are available in the local communities. Contact one of the following organizations to locate a boarding facility:

    * Mesa Verde Country® Website

    * Colorado Welcome Center
       Cortez, CO
       Click here to email them for information

    * Mancos Visitor Center
       Mancos, CO
       970-533-7434 or 800-873-3310
       Open spring, summer, and fall

    * Dolores Visitor Center
       Dolores, CO
       970-882-4018 or 800-807-4712
       Open spring, summer, and fall

    * Durango Area Tourism Office
       Durango, CO

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Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy only. The governing agency may have updated policies not reflected by information provided here. We recommend you verify current pet policies with the relevant governing agency prior to your visit. strives to ensure correct information is provided. Please notify us at if you have updated information.

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