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Prospect's K9 Tips for Visiting Dog Parks


1. Be courteous, respectful, and treat the dog park like your own yard.

Dogs parks are generally maintained by a non-profit group of loving dog owners; even if the dog park is "city owned," funding and care often comes from volunteer contributions.  They have been gracious enough to volunteer their time for your dog's enjoyment.


2. Read the Dog Park rules before entering. 

Just because something is acceptable at home doesn't mean it is okay where you are visiting.  When in Rome do as the Romans.


3. Be mindful of all canine citizens.

Just like people, dogs have unique personalities, likes, and dislikes.  Just like some people unintentionally annoy us, some dog personalities aren't compatible.  Do not let your dog be an annoyance. Be a responsible doggy parent as necessary -- just like you may not think all human kids are cute, chances are not everyone thinks your canine child is cute either.

Dog Park


Dog Park

4. Bring your own poop bags and pick up after your dog.

You don't want your dog rolling or eating another dog's poop so don't leave your dog's waste lying around either. Sure many parks provide "mutt mitts" but as a responsible dog owner you should already have a supply with you. The cost is minimal to one dog owner but the cost of several hundred dog owners is significant. Help dog parks have a healthier budget for grounds improvement.


5. Stay off your cell phone.

Dog parks are not a place for you to let the dog roam unsupervised.  If you're so busy with phone calls that you cannot give your dog 30 minutes attention at the dog park you probably need to re-evaluate your human-canine relationship.


6. Interact with other humans.

Sure dog parks are for the dogs but networking is a great way to learn more about dogs; especially the specific dogs at the dog park. With greater information about the other dogs you can be more alert for canine behavior that may be problematic for your own dog(s).


7. Carry a copy of your dog's most recent vaccination.

In the unfortunate event that a dog's vaccination need to be verified, it will be must simpler to have a copy on-hand. In some cases animal control may separate you from your dog until vaccinations are verified. And imagine if you are the one wanting confirmation and comfort another dog is wouldn't want to have the "unknown" wait and worry.


8. Leave all treats behind.

Dogs have a great sense of smell. Avoid being the center of attention in the middle of a canine mob.


9. Leave personal dog toys behind.

Just like humans, dogs have their "favorites." Even the most gentle and docile dogs can get upset when another dog goes after their favorite toy.

Dog Park


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