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With, The Chauffeur (aka Ed) hopes other traveling dogs and their own chauffeurs will be better prepared and more relaxed during their own canine travel and adventures.  Additionally, The Chauffeur hopes to raise awareness about the unique qualities and companionship stray and abandoned dogs can offer the human race.

In late April 2009, Ed became the unexpected roommate of an abandoned dog.  Prior to that Ed had not given thought in having a pet; sure he liked dogs and was around dogs most of his life but his life previously had been mis-guided and filled with too much work. 

For years he had chuckled at his sister’s “obsession” with her “family” of rescue corgis.  To Ed, her tales of searching for suitable rest stops was a signal of an unhealthy canine focus.   After all, if a dog just had to “go” any patch of green should do.  

But post-April 2009 found Ed becoming The Chauffeur as he would take his “roommate” Prospect searching for the perfect green area to play fetch, the ideal hiking trails, swimming holes, and… as painful as it is to admit to his sister… wondering which interstate exit would provide not only fuel and food but sufficient green area to “take care of business” and “get sufficient exercise.”

In their first 10 months together, The Chauffeur and Prospect had traveled 20,000+ miles together, hiked and walked at least 1,200 miles, explored 9 state parks (most multiple times), and visited too many city parks to remember. 

The Chauffeur, unknowingly, had began to enter his sister’s realm.  He had unknowingly, established a canine-centric family of his own; albeit just one man and one man’s best friend.  Along with nearly 22 million dog households, The Chauffeur is willing to admit:  The dog is part of the family.  The remaining canine households are just in denial.

After 9 months with Prospect, The Chauffeur was considering a long road trip.  After consulting Prospect, they determined there was a need to have information about not just dog-friendly travel stops, but information about stops that would accommodate their specific canine needs. 


The Chauffeur and Prospect want to make sure you have plenty travel centric resources for parks along the way, rest stops suitable for stretching the paws, and other diversions necessary to keep a perpetually needy canine content while on the road.

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Prospect and The Chauffeur napping

Prospect and The Chauffeur napping

Prospect and The Chauffeur on a hike

Prospect and The Chauffeur on a hike
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