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Videos & Playlists from Prospect's YouTube Channel

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Rocky Mountain Air

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Outside Shower


Video Playlists:

Prospect On The Go
Prospect the Dog is happy as long as he is on the go.

Prospect & Water
Prospect the Dog enjoys the water -- as long as he can get wet on his own terms.

Prospect being Prospect
Videos of everyday Prospect the Dog; watch Prospect snore, pretend not to be guilty, etc.

Prospect & Other Dogs
Prospect the Dog loves his canine brethren. Especially if the other dogs chase him.

Prospect & Snow
Prospect the Dog likes playing in the snow -- as long as the snow isn't too deep.

Prospect & Blizzard 2011
Prospect the Dog experienced his first blizzard and deepest snow he's ever seen.

Prospect the Dog's Videos

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