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'P'    'Peabody'   'Goof-ball'



"I have no idea what all is in him" - Prospect's Vet



winter 2007-08



hikes, belly rubs, smelly trash cans, riding in the car, making new dog friends, making new people friends, chasing squirrels and rabbits, crumbs, picnic shelters after a picnic, begging for snacks



the neighbor's cats, bathes, being left alone, cats along the road, garden hoses, staying home, cats I see, vacuum cleaners,  flies - especially horse-flies - that land on me, cats


Favorite Dog Toys:

Prospect's Favorite Toys Prospect's Favorite Toys Prospect's Favorite Toys


Favorite Dog Games:

being chased, tug-of-war, fetch (for treats)


Favorite Dog Food & Snacks:

anything bacon flavored


  The Prospect Story


Born sometime in the Winter of 2007-08, Prospect’s first sixteen months or so remain a mystery.


In April 2009, Prospect was apparently dumped by his previous human companion at a trailhead near an industrial area. Prospect found a temporary loving home with the office staff of a trucking company. The office staff had taken him to a vet; since he had been micro-chipped by the Humane Society, they were able to confirm his human had abandoned and did not want Prospect.


After a couple weeks of being the office mascot, luck happened when a visitor stopped by; a visitor that had never given prior thought to having a pet. As Prospect ran from behind the desk and greeted the visitor, a connection was made.  Prospect got a new roommate and best friend. Prospect quickly trained his new human companion to be his personal chauffeur.  Soon they began visiting area parks, hiking trails, and other sites.


In February 2010 after about 10 months together, over 20,000 miles traveled together, hundreds, if not a thousand plus, of miles walked together, Prospect and his “chauffeur” decided they would help traveling dogs and their human companions by creating launched early 2011. As of June 2011, Prospect has logged nearly 60,000 miles visiting 23 states, 17 state capitols, the District of Columbia, and countless parks.

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