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1. Promote canine-human relationships by:

a. Inspiring more humans to consider rescuing / adopting a dog.

b. Encouraging dog lovers to experience more places with their favorite dog(s); whether a nearby park or longer trip.

2. Provide only "first-paw" information.  We want our Journey Guide Map to have only spots we have visited or members have first-hand (first-paw) knowledge about. 


The mission of is to be the premier informational resource for not only the seasoned dog traveler but a reliable, reassuring resource for the yet traveled dog.  With accurate and relevant data, seeks to promote and increase human-canine companionship and activities; whether by including the dog in lengthy family road-trips or more frequent day trips to area parks and attractions.


Our Members

Prospect, our Chief Canine, would love to meet each and every member and their favorite dog(s).  But Prospect is practical and knows this isn't possible.  So he looks forward to meeting you here, reading your comments, hearing your travel stories, and looking at your pictures.  Only with your input can K9RoadTrip meet its mission of providing accurate information on the vast K9 World.  Never hesitate to contact us about any question, concern, or comment.


Our Chief Canine

Prospect is an outgoing yet laid-back executive.  He's not happy unless he's exploring, meeting new dogs & people, or at least traveling to a destination.  Prospect (or 'P'), is not really crazy about having his photo taken; but, he knows it's important to meet the Mission and, for a treat, is willing to have the patience as his chauffeur delays his hikes and canine investigative activities.


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Prospect - Our Chief Canine


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Prospect & The Chauffeur
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